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Dynamic Creative Ad Builder for Google Shopping & Search

Create & optimize a Google Shopping feed & automatically build Shopping & Search campaigns

  • Reduce weeks of technical work into hours of non technical work
  • Automatically create “best practice” ad campaigns for every category, brand, product & variant
  • Keep all of your Google Search and Shopping campaigns automatically in sync with your inventory

Get the “Big Brand” Google Shopping & Search advertising experience at a fraction of the cost

Dynamic Creative Ad Builder is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to create and update e-commerce ads in Google.

Create and optimise a Google Merchant Center feed:

  • Quickly match your categories to Google’s taxonomy to maximise traffic
  • Optimize your product titles to match the way people search
  • Choose which discount coupons you want to show in Google Shopping

Create and automatically update your Google Shopping & Search campaigns:

  • Choose between category or brand Google Shopping campaigns
  • Products are partitioned to SKU level to best utilize Google’s machine learning bid strategies
  • Search ads with price range are created for every category, brand and filter on your website

Your Google Merchant Center and AdWords campaigns are automatically kept in sync with your inventory every day.

The Dynamic Creative Ad Builder encapsulates the knowledge of a Google Premier Partner with 15 years experience in AdWords. This software will guide you through the process of building a professional quality Google Shopping and Search Ad campaign with documented help and ticket support. We also offer premium services for people that want a complete outsourced service.