Marketing Apps

Drive more business with loyalty, enhanced search, special offers and more

Аnalytics and Actions Combined
Convead Analytics and Actions
From $25 to $100+ / month, free trial
Speed up your conversions with our Countdown Timer Popup
Countdown Timer
From $9.99 / month to $24.99+ / month, free trial
Stylish, responsive and customizable popups with multiple templates
Easy Popup
Free to $24.99+ / month, free trial
Get offers, collect preorders from prospective buyers and more
Get an Offer on Catalog Products
$9.99 / month, free trial
Set up and run enter-to-win & refer-to-win promotions
Enter to Win! (aka Sweepstakes)
Free to $39.95+ / month
Visitors & Fans scratch a virtual card for chance to win
Scratch & Win!
Free to $24.95+ / month
Extend your current sales force by building an army of affiliate marketers
iDevAffiliate - Affiliate Tracking Software
From $39 / month to $199+ / month
Display coupon reveal popups & referral promotions on websites & Facebook
Coupon Popup
Free to $19.95 / month
Easily generate new coupons based on existing ones
Coupon Generator
$1.99 / month
Promote your products to the buyers of fellow sellers on social media
MartNinja - Promote Your Products
Free to $0.20 / share
Smart social proof technology to boost your sales conversion rate
Crowdlever - Boost Sales with Beautiful Recent Order Notifications
From $9 to $29+ / month, free trial
Boost sales with instant social proof for your store
Fomo - Boost Sales with Instant Social Proof
$19 / month, free trial
Boost conversion by displaying customer purchases in storefront in real time
Social Proofs and Order Notifications by Assistantly
$1.99 / month, free trial
Create urgency with a dynamic countdown timer on your product page and increase sales and revenue
Timer Plus – Sale Countdown Timer
$4.95 / month, free trial
Share a direct link to your store with preselected products in a cart
Buyable Links (Beta)
The Flashy widget helps you convert visitors into buyers by showing recent orders on your site
Flashy - Show Off Recent Purchases on Your Storefront
$9 / month, free trial
Increase product views by adding labels to your storefront
Product Labels
$7.95 / month, free trial
Improve your SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized store
ReloadSEO – Content Recommendations for SEO
$5.95 / month
Create professional and customizable catalogs and flyers for your store products
Now In Store: Automatic Catalog and Flyer Builder
From $19 to $299 / month, free trial
Convert potential bounced visitors into revenue with Exit Offer
Exit Offer
$9.99 / month, free trial
Easily share your store products to popular social networks
Outfy Social Media Marketing
From $0.02 to $0.04 / social post, free trial
Automatically provide rewards for your customers based on their purchasing habits at your business.
UMarket - Customer Relationship Manager
$15 / month, free trial
Post & schedule your products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and more from one place.
Social Media Automation -
From $14.99 / month to $29.99 / month, free trial
Reward your customers for shopping to keep them coming back
Loyal2 Marketing and Loyalty
Free to $49 / month
Run campaigns, reward your customers and encourage repeat purchases
Rewards, Referrals, and Email Capture by Swell
Free to $49+ / month
Intuitive, fast, effective and infinitely expandable affiliate software
Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Tracking
From $97 / month to $197+ / month
Create Sales, Daily Deals, Coupons etc. and auto promote on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr
OrangeTwig Social Media Marketing
From $10 to $35 / month, free trial
Gratisfaction is a social marketing platform for boosting your leads, referrals, followers, and purchases
Gratisfaction - Loyalty, Referrals and Social Marketing
Free to $39+ / month
Market your products on Google AdWords in 5 minutes using a friendly interface
Analytics and Google Ads by SiteWit
Free to $99+ / month
Let us drive targeted customers to your business! Join more than 125,000 merchants that already increase their sales on...
Traffic Booster
From $29.99 to $334.99 / month
Returns bounced visitors to your website by reaching them on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Network
Increase Sales by Returning Bounced Visitors — Scaler
Free to $0.25 / visitor return
Automatic tweets for your shop
$4.99 / month, free trial
Reward visitors for following your social media profiles, sharing your offers, re-posting your messages, referrals & more!
Social Boost
Free to $59+ / month
Grow your email list with free customizable, exit intent popups. Sync contacts to your email marketing program or AdRoll.
Privy - Email Collection Popup
Free to $79+ / month
Personal recommendations to increase sales and customer loyalty
Smart Recommendations and Recently Viewed Products
$5.99 / month, free trial
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Sometimes unique products require more than what a static image can convey. If you can not find an app or feature that will make your store is complete, please contact us and we will create it for you

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Apps for marketing on Ecwid offer tremendous value for businesses of all sizes. Marketing apps enable you to collect customer feedback, drive additional sales through effective advertising and much more. Plus, marketing apps are easy to deploy and may help your company differentiate itself from rivals.

Key Benefits of Marketing Apps

Ultimately, apps for marketing offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Additional Customer Insights: Use advanced analytics to learn about your target audience.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty: Offer coupons and rewards to drive customer loyalty.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Provide customers with relevant information about your brand, products and services to boost engagement.
  • Marketing Automation: Leverage marketing automation tools to grow your business quickly.
  • Increased Website Traffic: Explore ways to drive targeted customers to your website.

Marketing apps enable you to spread the word about your company and its portfolio to consumers across the globe. As a result, apps for marketing may help you increase your sales, bolster your customer interactions and drive long-lasting customer partnerships.

Why Should You Use Apps for Marketing?

There are many reasons to deploy marketing apps:

  1. Support in Multiple Areas: Whether you're searching for innovative ways to make shopping fun for your customers or build a network of affiliate marketers, many marketing apps are available to fulfill your business needs.
  2. Easy to Use: Apps for marketing are simple to use, ensuring that you won't have to allocate substantial time and resources to implement these apps into your day-to-day operations.
  3. Budget-Friendly Apps: Many marketing apps are available for free, which means you won't have to worry about breaking your budget to reap the benefits of superior apps for marketing.

Browse our marketing apps, and you're sure to find apps to help you promote your business effectively.