Timer Plus: Sale Countdown Timer

Create urgency with a dynamic countdown timer on your product page and increase sales and revenue

  • An interactive countdown timer widget for your product page
  • Feature rich and easy to use dashboard
  • Responsive frontend design to look good on both mobile and desktop

Add a beautiful dynamic countdown timer and instantly boost conversion and revenue

One of the most practical and scientifically proven ways to pursue window shoppers is to create scarcity, urgency and fear of missing out among the users. With timer plus app it takes less than a minutes to install and create urgency and scarcity in your product page.

How it works?
With timer plus app, you can add an interactive and dynamic countdown widget in your product page in minutes. Timer widget consists of a pitch, a progress bar and a countdown timer. All these three modules are fully customizable and responsive. The timer widget looks great both on desktop and mobile devices.

Timer plus supports shortcodes and uses your store’s font and design style to blend in perfectly. This modern progress bar is pre-loaded with real time loading effect. On page load, it fills up from zero to set value to create ultimate urgency.

We offer 100% free and full access trial for 14 days. Try it yourself and see the difference. Our paid version is super cheap comparing the result it generates. If you find any glitch or compatibility issue with your store, just send us a support request and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Demo store: https://timer-plus-demo.ecwid.com


Made by Hektor

Contact developer at support@hektortech.com