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Swish Payments

Made by Codeswop

Allow customers to pay with Swish.

  • Accept payments with Swish
  • No transaction fees
  • Automatic refunds with one click
  • View Swish transaction information right from the order page

Accept payments from 8 million Swish users without paying transaction fees!

Why Store Owners love Swish

- Increased Conversion Rates: The simplicity and convenience of Swish might lead to higher conversion rates as customers can pay easily and quickly.

- Enhanced Customer Experience: Offering Swish as a payment method provides customers with more choices, enhancing their shopping experience.

- Security and Trust: Swish’s secure nature can instill trust in customers, which is crucial for e-commerce platforms.

- Reduced Transaction Times: The instant nature of Swish payments can improve cash flow and reduce the time between sale and payment receipt.

- Accessibility to Mobile Users: As mobile commerce grows, offering a mobile-friendly payment option like Swish can attract more mobile users.

- Competitive Edge: Offering a popular and loved payment method like Swish might give an edge over competitors who do not offer it.

Why Customers love Swish

- Ease of Use: Swish is simple and easy to use, requiring just a mobile number to make transactions.

- Instant Payments: Payments are processed instantaneously, providing immediate confirmation of transactions.

- Security: Swish offers a secure payment option, utilising strong authentication methods.

- No Need for Cash or Cards: Customers don’t need to carry cash or cards, making it a handy option for online and in-person transactions.

- Accessibility: Almost anyone with a bank account and a smartphone can use Swish, making it widely accessible.


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