MonkeyData: Advanced Store Reports

Price: Free
Made by MonkeyData

Powerful reports give you a clear oversight of your store’s performance.

  • Get more insights about unique data including your sales, products, customers, and much more.
  • Simply optimize your online store by checking on all important store metrics in fully predefined reports.
  • Be always up to date. Online store data is downloaded every hour to give you the freshest updates.

All the key metrics to give you a clear oversight of your store's potential in one spot.

Advanced Store Reports help you make data-driven business decisions, allowing you to compare your sales across products, customers, locations and more.

All the important metrics are displayed in predefined reports to give you a deeper level of understanding of your store’s potential, it’s strengths, and where to make changes.

Why is this app an absolute must-have?

  • Supplies you with a perfect overview and helps optimize the way you’re able to sell by simply checking on all key metrics in one spot (revenue, orders, AOV, and more).
  • You’ll easily be able to determine when to make changes such as reviewing pricing strategies, offering discounts, adjusting your offerings, etc.
  • It’ll help you with managing your inventory by showing you those products that really resonate with your customers, and help you avoid filling your wares with poor sellers.
  • You’ll be able to make data-driven decisions by tracking your past performance and comparing it against current trends.


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