Decorator: Restyle Your Store

Price: Custom

Easily restyle your online store the way you want

  • Customize colors, fonts and buttons in easy to use interface
  • Preview changes instantly
  • Test privately for free in your storefront

Easily style your online store to match your website and brand

The Decorator App is a powerful way to design your online store. No CSS knowledge required!

Main app features include:

  • Change the color of text, backgrounds and buttons.
  • Choose from several button styles
  • Change font sizes, and easily use custom fonts from Google fonts, Adobe Typekit,, or your own server.

The app has two modes:

  1. Using Quick-start mode, completely re-style your store with just 5 basic settings.
  2. Use the Full settings mode for more control of colors, fonts, button styles and more.

Decorator is free to install and try for as long as you like. Feel free to work on and test draft styles in your own storefront without affecting any customer's view of your store.

Details on the application pricing


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