ShopHero: Autopilot Marketing System

Autopilot marketing system designed to make extra sales!

  • No skills required, make extra sales fast – ShopHero's Autopilot Marketing System helps you reach customers with optimized email & push campaigns.
  • Focused on Sales – get 12+ must-have ecommerce campaigns that are ready-to-send!
  • Optimized Templates – automatically get beautiful, conversion-optimized email campaigns and push notifications.

Automatically create beautiful, conversion-optimized email campaigns and push notifications – that make YOU extra sales.

ShopHero is THE must-have “ecommerce marketing 101” app - for both new & advanced ecommerce merchants.

Use ShopHero to automatically create & send beautiful, conversion-optimized email campaigns and push notifications – that make YOU extra sales!

ShopHero helps you automatically send campaigns based on the same important ecommerce “triggers” big stores use. All campaigns are designed to work as a system to keep your customers engaged - and buying!

ShopHero helps small business owners overcome these challenges:

  • No time to learn or execute marketing
  • No budget to hire a marketing expert
  • No time to manage multiple, on-going campaigns
  • No experience or bad results in online advertising to drive traffic and make sales

Why ShopHero?

  • Make more sales – faster! With ShopHero’s AutoPilot Marketing System. Our battle-tested campaigns are enabled by default – so all you need to do is upload your logo!
  • Your Ecommerce Marketing System – From basic campaigns to advanced personalization features, ShopHero’s campaigns are designed to work together and keep customers engaged based on important ecommerce “triggers”.
  • No skills required! Sell more with pre-optimized campaigns for: email marketing and push notifications
  • Beautiful, optimized templates. All copywriting, design & timing rules are ready-made for you!
  • Reach customers wherever they are: ShopHero’s Autopilot Marketing System decides where to send marketing to make a sale. Use email marketing & push notifications to reach your customers
  • Spam Protection – ShopHero has built-in safeguards to make sure that you never over message your customers, while maximizing engagement.

Here's what ShopHero can do for you

  • Simple setup and powerful Autopilot Marketing System with 12 essential campaigns - all designed to make you extra sales
  • No design or copywriting - proven & optimized templates are ready to send
  • Personalized product recommendations & campaigns delivered where each customer is most likely to buy
  • Your own ecommerce marketing expert! ShopHero is on by default & ready to make you extra sales!

Why ShopHero is different

  1. ShopHero is built by merchants for merchants.
  2. We’ve taken all the super complicated, advanced features from expensive, enterprise-level tools – and put them into one product
  3. Setup is fast and easy! The most essential, revenue-generating campaigns are ready to send right away
  4. Multi-channel marketing is the new marketing – we make it quick and easy to reach your customers with email marketing & push notifications - without needing expert skills or several accounts to run all your campaigns.
  5. No need to create new campaigns every week – ShopHero campaigns are automated and send based on each customer’s actions. Just like big stores!

110% Risk-Free

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