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Facebook & Google Retargeting

Price: Free
Made by ROI Hunter

Grow sales with retargeting ads on Facebook & Google

  • Show previous visitors ads that contain products and services they viewed on your site
  • Convert cart abandoners to customers with laser-precise targeting
  • Reach majority of online space thanks to the powerful networks of Google and Facebook

Set up Facebook & Google retargeting ads in under 60 seconds

Imagine, a visitor is looking at a product on your online store, but he gets distracted and leaves without buying anything. Not cool for you. Or even worse, when he abandons the cart and never comes back to finish the purchase. We understand that retargeting can be really complicated.

That's why ROI Hunter Easy takes pride in simplicity. It has never been easier to set up the retargeting ads on your own. Remind your visitors what they forgot to buy literally everywhere thanks to the powerful networks of Google and Facebook.

Worry about nothing. The unique artificial intelligence takes care of everything while you sit comfortably and in a few clicks, you can watch your sales grow.



Made by ROI Hunter

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