Send orders automatically to Hubspot

Price: Free
Made by Ecwid

Build personalized marketing campaigns with Hubspot.

  • New orders are sent to Hubspot automatically
  • Full control of the order data you want to transfer

Perfect your marketing with Hubspot

Hubspot helps you track your customers and send them bulk emails. With the order data automatically synced to Hubspot, you can add customers’ contacts and orders to Hubspot so you can see how much and how often different customers buy from you and send personalized offers and emails. Now you can have your customers’ information sent from Ecwid to Hubspot automatically. For example, create a new contact in Hubspot when a new order is placed. This way you can keep all your customers’ contacts in one place, where you can do all the interactions and help customers with questions about your store.



Made by Ecwid

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