Message Mate: Convert More Visitors with Texting

Let customers text your business. Your team can reply via email, SMS and dashboard

  • Increase conversions by answering questions and solving shoppers' problems
  • Provide the easiest contact method when your customer is on mobile (or desktop) – SMS
  • Manage all customer queries in a single place – Message Mate dashboard

Give your customers a way to contact you that they’ll appreciate

Message Mate is a simple but wonderful slider add-on to your website that advertises a phone number which current and prospective customers can text with one click to reach you or your employees.

Your customers would rather text than call you. In fact, 76% of young adults prefer to interact with companies via texting (and not through calls, emails, live chat or contact forms). And thankfully for your business, texting is a more efficient and less distracting means of communication.

Texts also have much higher engagement potential with a 97% open rate, at least three times higher than email.

All parties' personal mobile numbers – yours, your employees’, and your customers’ – remain hidden. Up to three users can receive and respond to incoming messages via SMS, email, and a web dashboard. And you can even add automated responses and post-conversation rating requests.

Sell more, with Message Mate. Choose any US/Canada area code (subject to availability), and get your first 14 days for free.