Subscribe Customers to Your List at Checkout

Made by Roman Zander

Convert your customers to mailing list subscribers

  • Grow client’s list automatically, during the order checkout process
  • Customize Invitation texts, so you can engage customers to sign up in your own style
  • Subscribe new people with unobtrusive checkboxes
  • Drive more revenue with quality newsletter subscribers who care about your store

Seamless transfer of your customers’ emails to Mailchimp. Right at the time of purchase

Mailс app carefully embeds mailing list subscription fields to your store checkout pages.

During the checkout process, the app asks your customers if they’re interested in subscribing to a mailing list from your store. After a customer completes an order and agrees to subscribe, will automatically subscribe them to your Mailchimp list.

Please remember that app doesn't send e-commerce data from your store to Mailchimp.

N.B.: This App is third-party integration and does not have a relationship or affiliation with Mailchimp. Mailchimp does not endorse this App in any way.


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