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Image Zoom

Price: $2.99 / month, free trial
Made by Xzcompress

Reveal the finer details of your product images.

  • Increase conversions by enabling customers to enlarge product images for a closer, detailed look.
  • Tailor your website experience with fully customisable lens, border, and movement settings
  • Capture sharp details with three zoom types – inner zoom, window zoom or round magnifier
  • Enhance the user experience across all devices without compromising on the crispness of details or colours

Image Zoom helps retailers reveal finer details about their products - whatever you sell, showcase it better.

Image Zoom brings your images to life and allows customers to absorb all the details of your product, just as they would if they physically had it in their hands. Designed to complement the stunning shapes and colors of your listings, Image Zoom will not only maintain your customers’ interest for longer but will also enhance the whole website experience. 

Supporting easy to update and manage settings for shape, size, and border of the zoom magnifier, Image Zoom delivers fully immersive and responsive image interaction with your best quality images. 

Focusing on easy customization, quick and seamless configuration, and unrivaled developer support, Image Zoom aims to deliver a uniquely tailored experience to both customers and retailers.



Made by Xzcompress

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