GoFeedback: Survey Your Customers Directly on Your Online Store

App price: $4.99 / month, free trial

Uncover what is preventing your customers from buying your products

  • Survey your customers directly on your online store
  • Uncover why your customers aren't buying in your online store
  • Organize and classify your customers' feedback by their similarity, and use it to resolve common issues among them

Are you bringing customers to your online store but aren't getting the number of sales you want? Try GoFeedback!

Not getting the number of sales you want it is a sign that something needs to be improved.

Instead of guessing of what the problem is: “Is it the right audience?”, “Am I targeting my customer the right way?”, “Is the marketing channel right?”, “Does my product fits customers needs?”, “Does my copy explain the products the right way?”; we have a simpler solution – ask questions directly to your customer, by using the GoFeedback widget on your online store.

If you don’t know what to ask or where to start, we provided open-ended questions that will help you dig into the problem you are trying to understand.


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