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Codisto LINQ: Amazon & eBay integration

Price: From $29 to $99+ / month, free trial
Made by Codisto

Full integration for all Amazon/eBay marketplaces – Products, Inventory, Orders

  • Sell on any Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally – create new or manage existing listings
  • Fast & easy bulk edit function using unique spreadsheet style grid directly from your website platform
  • Real-time sync of products, inventory and orders, including order tracking data to Amazon/eBay

Sell on Amazon & eBay – real-time sync directly from your website

Codisto LINQ provides bulk Amazon & eBay listing creation & management with real-time sync of products, inventory across all channels and marketplace orders to your website.

Simple control directly from your website platform means there is no exporting feeds or uploading on a schedule – make a change to your linked products in your website and Amazon/eBay is updated immediately.

Want to sell differently on Amazon & eBay compared with your website? No problem – setting marketplace specific values or formulas such as price, quantity, title, description, returns policy and shipping costs is simple to do for any individual or group of listings.

Multi-variant listings are created automatically from variants in your website saving you hours of complex manual creation time.

Codisto LINQ automatically transfers shipment data to Amazon & eBay to keep customers informed on order status and ensure you adhere to marketplace account requirements for timely order updates.

Try Codisto LINQ free for 30 days. Codisto – Amazon & eBay Better.


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