Banked: Real-time, Secure Payment Processing

Made by Banked

A new digital payments network. Fast, Fair, Direct.

  • Immediate, real-time transfer of funds
  • Secure Customer Authentication – 96% reduction in fraud
  • Seamless customer payment experience

Banked: Real-time payment network to securely support your business.

Easily and seamlessly connect Banked to your online store to begin taking payments from your customers.

Banked transacts in real-time, meaning the funds land in your account immediately with no hold or delay.

Regulated by the FCA and leveraging Secure Customer Authentication, Banked is the safest and most secure way for you to get paid.

At a transaction fee of only 0.1%, there are no minimums, monthly fees or hidden costs associated with utilising the Banked platform.

Easily integrate Banked within your online store and you’ll be up and running within just a few minutes.



Made by Banked

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