Assistantly Wheel: Gamified Discounts and Email Collection

Let your customers spin a wheel and leave their emails to win discounts

  • Boost sales and collect customer’s emails by providing them with an opportunity to win a discount
  • Send a series of incentivising emails to customers to buy the product
  • Choose from 3 types of prices: discounts, coupons, and free shipping

Increase store sales and collect customers emails using gamification!

Gamified Email collection process

Assistantly Wheel offers a customer to try their luck in winning a prize. The customer’s email is collected after they win a reward. This process collects 3.5x more email addressess than a standard newsletter popup.

Increase sales

Don’t worry if a customer didn’t use a prize coupon during his/her first visit. Assistantly Wheel will send an email with a discount code to remind the customer about it the day before the discount ends.

Cool spinner and classic wheel designs

Spinner is on a wave of its popularity. Invite your customers to spin it and win the prizes! If you don’t prefer the fidget spinner, then we have a classic wheel design ready for you.

Try it in our demo store!

3 types of easily customizable rewards:

  • Discount or coupon for the amount of money, and free shipping
  • Ability to set a minimal sum of order to apply the reward
  • Choose probability for all types of rewards

Modifiable wheel templates with rewards:

  • Prepared templates
  • Custom Colors
  • Upload store logo
  • Change popup text

Sales analytics of Assistantly wheel:

  • How many clients saw the pop-up window
  • How many emails have been collected
  • How many customers bought goods using Assistantly wheel coupons
  • The total amount of money that Assistantly wheel brought to the store

It’s time to boost sales with Assistantly wheel!


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