Theme Designer

Change design of your store the easy way

  • Choose a theme
  • Change the colors
  • Apply the theme

Easily create an Ecwid Theme for your shop

Note: We recommend you use the Store Decorator app instead of Theme Designer. For help with migrating, see this article.

The Theme Designer App brings your e-shop designer Themes into the Ecwid control panel where you can easily select and manage them.

Choose a Theme

Use e-shop designer to choose a theme from a selection of 7 styles.

Change the colours

Choose the colour combination you want from over 65,000 combinations. Buy a theme and get a month to save up to 10 variations of any theme style. Or, try a free theme from a selection of over 500 variations. Button images support your choice of multiple languages and free themes support a single language choice.

Apply the Theme

Use the Theme Designer App inside Ecwid to activate one of your saved themes with the click or a button. No more copying and pasting CSS.


Customise any Ecwid theme using the Tweak service. Many common "tweaks" are easy to apply using an "in context" editor.

Note. e-shop designer can also be used without the Theme Designer App on free Ecwid accounts, but you will need to copy and paste the theme CSS into Ecwid.