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Currency Converter

Price: $4.49 / month, free trial
Made by Simcase

Converts the prices in the storefront of your shop into the buyer's currency

  • Plenty of currencies. Displays the prices in the storefront of your shop in the currencies of more than 130 countries
  • Fully automated. Defines the country of the buyer and automatically converts all the prices into their native currency
  • Comfortable for your clients. A convenient way to switch the currencies in the storefront of your shop
  • Up to date. We provide continuous updating of exchange rates

Make it easier for foreigners to buy your products, by displaying the prices in the storefront of your shop in their native currency

If your business covers many countries, you will inevitably face a big problem — the shoppers may fail to understand what is the real price of the goods. They will have to recalculate the prices in their heads or with a calculator. Do you think that is convenient? Hardly! Because of this inconvenience, customers may leave your website without buying anything, thus reducing your income.

Currency Converter will eliminate such problems! It converts the currency of your store to your client’s native currency, based on their geographical location.

If required, a buyer can easily change the currency of the store with a currency selector and immediately see the new prices.

No more exchange rates, calculators, and price calculations, only sales!

Currency Converter App has been one of the most useful additions to the site. So far, it works very well, and my team are pleased with the app and how easy it is to use. Dr Julian Holmes, Ozone products on

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Made by Simcase

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