Swell Analytics

App price: Free

Analyze your sales data in beautiful, informative and real-time charts

  • Transform your store’s data into a series of informative charts for free!
  • Charts can be viewed over a series of different time periods, including previous 7 days, previous 30 days, and more!
  • Swell Analytics updates automatically; as you receive orders, we’ll keep your charts updated so that you can see your current performance each time you log in!

Track your Ecwid store’s progress with a beautiful, easy-to-use dashboard!

Interested in seeing how your Ecwid store has been performing over time? Swell Analytics automatically transforms your sales data into beautiful, informative charts, and keeps them updated in real-time so that you can monitor results 24/7.

Your Swell Analytics dashboard contains all of the vital information you need to effectively manage your business. At the click of a button, you’ll have access to charts and trends on:

  • Revenue
  • Average Order Size
  • Total Orders
  • Total Customers

Swell Analytics charts are also broken out by new and current customers to help you better identify opportunities with pinpoint accuracy.


Best of all, Swell Analytics is 100% free to use for as long as you’d like! There are absolutely no add- ons or additional features to buy.

And if you enjoy using Swell Analytics, you’ll also love our Swell Rewards app, which helps improve on some of your key dashboard metrics – including total revenue! Contact us or visit the Swell Rewards page in the Ecwid store to learn more!


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