Business Insighter: Store Analytics

Powerful, affordable and easy to use dashboard for your Ecwid store

  • Quickly get a powerful snapshot of your business
  • Change dashboard to reflect a specific customer or product
  • See top and bottom performing customers and products
  • Keep on top of open invoices and shipping status

A Powerful Overview Dashboard Of Your Sales

Important notice: Business Insighter app has been deprecated. Please use alternatives from the Ecwid App Market to continue getting reports on your store status.

This app gives you terrific overview of key stats, top items and customers, open bills, shipping status, and more, in a beautifully designed and easy to use dashboard. There’s no need to download excel sheets and try to determine what’s selling and what’s not, we do that for you instantly. Additionally, in this app you will get to drill down to a specific product and see the various customers that purchased that specific item. Conversely, you can drill down to a specific customer, and see his order status, any open invoices and how long it’s been open for, as well as most frequently purchased items, and more. This app will give you the data you need, in order for you to manage the business you love.

Try this app for free with our 7 Day Free Trial – No Credit Card Required. After the trial period your cost is only $9.95 a month!


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