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How to turn cart abandoners into customers with Ecwid

Encourage cart abandoners to complete their purchase by sending personalized, enticing emails reminding them about the amazing products they left behind.

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is the average cart abandonment rate
$4 trillion

is the value of products left in carts every year

of shoppers don’t complete their purchase because of extra costs at checkout

Recover up to 50% of abandoned carts with one click

Using Ecwid, you have the power to recover half of your abandoned shopping carts effortlessly. All it takes is a single click to activate automated abandoned cart recovery emails, and watch as your revenue rises.

No integrations required

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, Ecwid has got you covered with an abandoned cart recovery feature already built-in. No need for apps or coding — it’s all there, ready to go.

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Best practice by default

Abandoned cart emails are a crucial selling point. That’s why they have to be well-made and sent at the right time. With Ecwid, you gain access to a pre-designed email template that you can personalize however you like.

And the best part? These emails reach your customers while their interest is still at its peak!

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Here’s how JustSaiyan Gear achieved an impressive 17% conversion rate on abandoned cart emails.

“Having a slightly higher discount or exclusive gifts in the abandoned cart email is a great ‘hook’ for customers. This feature is pure gold.”

Mark Norman, the owner of JustSaiyan Gear

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Customize emails, personalize experience

Sometimes, the cart reminders alone may not be sufficient to nudge customers towards making a purchase. With Ecwid, you have complete access to the recovery email code, allowing you to create personalized offers that truly stand out. So, go ahead and get creative!

  • Add discount coupons
  • Brand your emails
  • Change the text
  • Embed the links
  • Use images and gifs
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Don’t trust automations?

In the world of AI and technology, it can sometimes feel like there’s an overload of automation. When it comes to sales, using the wrong automation can actually end up costing you money.

But hey, we get it. You know your customers best, and if you’re not fully comfortable with Ecwid automation, that’s totally understandable.

That’s why we’ve got an option for you to manually send out abandoned cart recovery emails. They’re conveniently located in one area in the admin, so when you think the time is right, just select them all and change the status. You’ll see those emails go out almost immediately.

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You’re in control

The admin has a list of abandoned carts with all the info: email statuses, payment options, and shipping methods. You can analyze what they have in common. Payment and shipping? Those are the top reasons for cart abandonment. Now, your abandoned carts can help you improve your online store!

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Recovering abandoned carts with Ecwid is a breeze.
Try it for yourself!

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