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Wordpress Ecwid Shopping Cart plugin version 2.4 released

Hello Ecwid users,

Our Ecwid shopping cart plugin for downloadable Wordpress sites ( has just hit a 170,000 downloads! It grows fast and we continue improving it to make the plug-in a great solution for those who start selling on their new Wordpress site as well as for the users who already have Ecwid plug-in installed. Today, we're happy to announce a new version of the plug-in with new features and improvements.

Let's see what is new in Ecwid shopping cart v2.4 for Wordpress.

1. Ability to add a single product to a page or post on your site using new [ecwid_product] shortcode.
In addition to embedding a whole product catalog on your Wordpress site, you can also add a single product to a separate page or blog post of your site and allow your customers to purchase the product right from that page. This is a great way to feature some products on the landing pages, blog posts and in different kinds of sliders and 'News' panels.

To embed a product on a page or post of your Wordpress site , add [ecwid_product] shortcode including ID of the product you like to the page/post code in your Wordpress backend. The format is the following:
[ecwid_product id="12345"]
Do not forget to replace '12345' in this example with the actual product ID. See also How to get ID of your product or category.

The new shortcode supports several parameters that you can use to customize the look and behavior of single product widget including showing/hiding product widget elements. Find more details on how to use the new shortcode in our knowledge base: How to embed a single product on a page or post of my site?

We will continue working on this functionality in new versions of our Wordpress plugins. In particular, we plan to add a control to Wordpress pages/posts editor to make it easier to embed products on site pages, stay tuned!

2. Better SEO for store pages.
Ecwid plug-in now adds product attributes to SEO-optimized versions of product pages on your site to let the search engines index UPC, brand and other pre-defined and custom product attributes along with the other product properties. Also, some improvements were applied to the format of product HTML snippets to meet the Google recommendations on how to better organize product information (title, descriptions, price etc) on the product details pages. These improvements will help search engines to better index your products and optimize their appearance in search results.

3. Slight improvements of store layout for mobile devices.
All Ecwid stores are mobile-friendly by design, i.e. they adapt themselves to the given layout and look good on mobile devices, so if your site is mobile-optimized, your Ecwid store will be as well. Earlier, if you use horizontal categories widget on your Wordpress site, you might notice that it didn't fit the given width on narrow screens, e.g. when opened on a mobile device. Now, the plugin automatically hides horizontal categories widget on narrow screens to ensure better look on mobile-optimized sites.

4. Several improvements and bug fixes for plugin settings pages, store appearance and SEO.

You can upgrade your plugin as usually - open the Plugins page in your Wordpress admin backend, find Ecwid Shopping Cart and click Update now. The new version will be automatically downloaded and installed on your site.

UPDATE: Version 2.5 is released:
Matt K
Ecwid Team

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.


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