The core of Ecwid team was involved in production of X-Cart, bringing 12 years of experience from world’s first PHP shopping cart to development of Ecwid the next generation of e-commerce software.

The mission of our company is to make the web both convenient and effective business environment, for us, our clients and the clients of our clients.

Ecwid is our attempt to bring an entirely new approach to creating an online store: SaaS-based, compatible with your existing site, hassle-free and lightning-fast.

Ecwid Team

  • Ruslan Fazlyev
  • Jim O’Hara
  • Dmitry Negoda
    Director of Engineering
  • Vasily Karyaev
    Software Engineer
  • Dmitry Verbichenko
    Senior BizDev Manager
  • Olga Agafonova
    UI Engineer
  • Eugene Kaznacheev
    Product Manager
  • Vasily Vasilkov
    Software Engineer
  • Igor Kurguzov
    Software Engineer
  • Nataly Ganina
    Software Engineer
  • Dmitry Salnikov
    Software Engineer
  • Eugene Efimochkin
    Chief Ecwid Ninja
  • Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
    Admin and Support
  • Sergey Vyachkilev
    Software Engineer
  • Maxim Sokolov
  • Alexey Radionov
    QA Manager
  • Matvey Kuritsyn
    Ecwid Ninja
  • Catherine Efremova
    Ecwid Engineer
  • Mariya Kudrina
    Ecwid Ninja